How we choose our products

To us at Vallebona the provenance and quality of our products is our highest priority. That’s why we source our goods exclusively from artisanal family-run businesses in Italy. Our true speciality is our cheese and charcuterie ranges. Not all cheeses are created equal, and we only import the best but how to mature and care for cheese is truly a forgotten art. In our specialist cheese rooms we create the perfect conditions for each wheel of cheese and cut of charcuterie, ensuring that they stay fresh and develop the fullest flavour profile possible over time before they are freshly cut to order as per your requirements. We know of no other supplier who devotes more time, effort and care to their products, and the difference is easy to taste.

Stefano hand picks every single item himself from Italy, exclusively using small, artisanal family-run businesses which have been making their products using traditional methods for decades. These products, steeped in history, and often regarded as the cream of the crop in Italy, are then brought to the UK, often exclusively by Vallebona, according to the preferences of the British public. This makes our unique collection extremely eclectic and interesting, while also guaranteeing you, the consumer, a product that is always of the highest quality. Alongside our cheese and charcuterie, we specialise in Italian wine, Bottarga and Truffle products, like our truffle salami, honey and, most recently, black truffles in creamy pecorino cheese, guaranteed to take any dish to the next level of flavour.

We only support artisan craftsmen when it comes to sourcing our products. Often the traditional methods of production that they use are at risk of dying out due to the threat of cut-price, low quality, industrially produced goods flooding the marketplace. Not only does threaten their art form but risks bankrupting family businesses which have been running for generations. At Vallebona we are committed to supporting these producers, and often in our shops and on our website we list the name of the specific person or people who have hand-made the item from scratch to the highest standard. Our Bottarga is a perfect example of this, we support the last fisherman who still maked Bottarga in Sardinia to the same method that was brought to the island by the Ancient Egyptians over 3000 years ago!

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