How we Prepare your orders

20 years ago, we opened our facility in Wimbledon which is now our base of operations. Here, we aim to maintain a balance between modernity and tradition in the way we pack and prepare our orders. We have continually invested in state-of-the art technology to make our products better and keep them fresh, like our climate controls on our walk-in maturation rooms which allow us to create the perfect maturation environment in terms of temperature and humidity for each individual cheese.

We maintain that maturation is one of the most important parts of the cheesemaking process, and view our job adding flavour and value to our cheeses as an art form. Generally, UK suppliers buy their cheese young and sell it young, often keeping it in the wrong conditions in the meantime, if you’ve ever had sweaty, or hard, stale cheese, then you know the menace of bad maturation. By maturing each individual cheese in the correct temperature and humidity with the right combination of wrapping, turning and wiping we are able to encourage certain flavours and textures in the finished product, a process that sometimes takes years before a cheese is ready to be eaten. This means that when you buy a cheese from us it will always be at the peak of flavour and quality. This is our art form.

We cut no corners when it comes to order preparation, while advanced cutting machines are good, they can only imitate the skills of a well-trained and experienced cheesemonger. Some of our cheesemongers have been in the business for 20 years or more, and their specialised knowledge of the cheeses and meats that they work with is one of Vallebona’s biggest assets. This means that our cheese and meat is always freshly and beautifully cut to whatever size and shape you need. We always freshly cut and pack all of our orders on the day that we ship them and deliver the next day in our individually climatized packages, so that the product always reaches you in the freshest and most flavoursome state possible.

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