Garlic Miso (Pk 6)
Garlic Miso (Pk 6)

Garlic Miso (Pk 6)

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Made in Takayama in Gifu Prefecture, our garlic miso is made in the traditional way, fermented in large cedar barrels. This method of production has been in use for over 120 years and is typical to the Gifu region.

Miso is combined with garlic and vegetable oil to make a smooth paste. This gentle paste is unlike any other miso—it’s mild yet packed with umami, this product can be eaten virtually on its own.

In Japan, locals use it as a delicious dip with crunchy vegetables like carrot, daikon and celery.Low in salt and easy on digestion, this makes the perfect healthy antipasti for friends and family members.

Alternatively, mix some garlic miso with soy-sauce, honey & sake (white wine or sherry will do as well) and it will turn into a versatile marinade for meat or as a savory stir-fry sauce.

Origin: Takayama, Gifu Prefecture

Ingredients : Miso (Soy Beans(22%), Rice(20%), Salt(8%)), Garlic(25%), Vagetable Oil, Kelp and Bonito(Fish) Extract, Mirin, Sugar. Nutrition : Typical values as sold per100ml. Energy 1104kj/264kcal, Fat 12.8g, Carbohydrate 27.8g, Protein 9.4g.