Japanese Soy Salt (Pk 1)
Japanese Soy Salt (Pk 1)
Japanese Soy Salt (Pk 1)

Japanese Soy Salt (Pk 1)

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Our producer in Gifu creates a distinctly unique sea-soning from what may otherwise be simply discarded. Responsible for producing our sensational Tamari Na-gara, he adopts the traditional way of fermenting soy sauce – in old wooden barrels, allowing the sauce to stand for years, as opposed to months.
After a batch of soy sauce has been successfully fer-mented, the barrels are drained and what remains at the bottom is a thick, concentrated paste made from the residue of the soy beans. This paste is transferred on to coarse mats made from bamboo and rice straw and then left to press. This extracts all the liquid from the paste, leaving a dry pulp. Following this, the pulp is added to salt water which is slowly evaporated, resulting in crystals. What we are left with is a coarse brown powder, made from 100% Japanese soy beans and salt, with an intense, umami flavour.
Ingredients : Sea Water (Yamagata Prefectures) , Soy Sauce residue (Soy, Wheat). Nutrition : Typical values as sold per100g. Energy 1050kj/251kcal, Fat 3.3g, Carbohydrate 81g, Protein 10g, Salt 6g. Made in Japan.